Workshop and classes in Singapore

Not all the fun is just for kids. Adults can also keep their creative juices flowing, enhance new skills in doing different activities, improve health and wellness, and most importantly enjoy to different classes and workshops offered for adults in Singapore.

Fashion Making

Are you always interested in new trends of fashion, clothing and dressmaking skills? Try enrolling at Fashion Maker Space and get to know if dress making can be your next career move. In this class, you will learn how to sew anything from basic accessories to different style of clothing for you and your entire family. Instructors will be teaching you techniques in designing every piece of cloth. Fashion Maker Space has single session or long-term classes. You can give it a try by attending a one hour free consultation class that can make you grasp what is the class all about or if you want to continue it with different classes. Nothing to worry, at the end of every class you will surely get to know something beneficial when it comes to fashion.

Calligraphy classes

You will need to book in advance to get a slot in Workroom SG workshop specializing in teaching calligraphy. This class will make your writings beautiful in different style. You can use this skill in writing your own thank you cards, invitation, wall decors, etc. It is a great asset to learn how to do calligraphy as it can serve as a business or a part time job to every individual.

Health and wellness class

Have you heard of new fitness class? Singapore is now offering studio that brings together yoga, pilates and ballet. Try the newest barre fitness class Singapore¬†that can transform your body. It is a combination of dynamic exercise and different movements that make use of your balance. This workout is very famous now done by Victoria’s secret models, Madonna and even Ryan Gosling. So get up and work out!

Perfume Workshop

For some relaxing aromatherapy, book a seat at Goodman Arts Centre where you will have a chance to create and bring home at least 3 customized scents. You will be a perfumer for a day and you will learn about different set of scents, the fragrance wheel used in making perfume and be able to create your own combination of fragrant oils.

Tahitian dance class

Be a Moana for a day and learn the Tahitian dance moves. It is a good workout as well, dancing to the tune of live drumbeats and some toe-tapping songs. You will surely enjoy with this workout at the same time you will get to learn some Polynesian culture.


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