Why You Really Do Need a Gynaecologist

Through age women experience hormonal changes and there are several factors that contribute to these changes. Due to hormonal changes through the first menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause, women are experiencing sudden changes in their bodies. Some women find the changes difficult to handle and that is the reason many women go through postpartum depression (PPD) shortly after giving birth. The body goes through sudden changes that many women are finding difficult to handle. It is important for every women to see their gynaecologist regularly once a year. They will be able to detect if there is any hormonal imbalance, and the overall health of the woman.

Detect Breast Cancer

When your gynaecologist is unable to see or feel any cancer, they may decide to perform an x-ray. Your gynaecologist can perform a mammogram to detect and diagnose breast cancer. Further scanning may be done if the mammogram fails to reveal certain information. It is advised that regular scanning be done for older woman (50 years and above) as they are more susceptible to have cancerous cells. If you had older family members that have had breast cancer, it is wise to take precaution and do regular tests through your singapore gynaecologist. It is better to detect breast cancer in the early stages and begin treatment than to wait and have limited options available for a possible cure.

Advise About Sexually Transmitted Diseases

There are more young people choosing to be sexually active than ever before. With the growth of social media, sexually graphic movies, music videos, advertising, temptation is constantly on your face. Being sexually active means there are more widespread diseases people can contract without proper use of protection. A gynaecologist can advise you on the various sexually transmitted diseases and ways to prevent contraction. They can also give information regarding many forms of birth control that suits your lifestyle.

Detect Fibroids

As the body gets older and changes, fibroids may develop in the uterus for some women. With regular Pap tests and screening examinations, you are likely to spot these fibroids at its early stages and take the necessary actions to eliminate them and determine if they are cancerous or not.  

Having a gynaecologist allows you to take care of your health. Often woman are so busy taking care of other family members that they neglect to take care of themselves. You need expert advice and often searching things online just won’t do. You need to be personally cared for and that is what a gynaecologist offers-personal attention! 


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