What is colon cancer?

Colon cancer mainly has to do with cancer cells being developing in the large intestines leading it to have more cancer cells over healthy cells. Medical experts have categorised this type of cancer under colorectal cancer and this is this is the third common type of cancer in both women and men.

The rectum and the colon are part of the digestive system. The colon makes most of the large intestine and is up to five feet long. The rectum takes up only six inches of the large intestines and is the passage between the anus and the colon.

Adenocarcinomas is the known as the highest percentage for rectal and colon cancers which develop initially in the secretory cells of an organ and its tissue. Secretory cells are also known as glandular cells and produce mucus that provides lubrication for the rectum and colon. The abnormal growth of the rectal and colon cancers cells along the lining of the rectum and the colon are known as colorectal polyps.

A small percentage of colorectal cancers are caused by the mutations that were passed down from parents and will be occurred during an individual’s life. Experts have identified factors that cause and increase a person’s chance of developing rectal and colon cancer. It is important that you get yourself checked at a colon cancer surgery Singapore based and understand if your diet, weight and the physical activities are adequate enough to avoid this or any other type of cancer.

The risk factors of rectal and colon cancers are:

  • Weight gain and obesity in the midsection of your body.
  • If you have an inactive lifestyle.
  • A diet that includes a lot of processed meat and red meat such as lamb and beef.
  • Drinking large doses of alcohol
  • Smoking

However, there are risk factors that are not in the control of an individual, such as:

  • The person’s healthy and family health background
  • If the individual has a history of ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease
  • Lynch syndrome
  • Age – Individuals who are above 50 years are highly at risk.
  • Type II Diabetes

Therefore, it is important that an individuals goes for regular screening examinations to ensure that they can prevent colorectal cancers. The screenings will allow the expert doctors to assess any sign and symptoms of this disease. If the cancer cells are detected at an early stage, then it can be treated rather that finding it out and not being able to treat it right away.

It is of most importance that you go for regular screenings to ensure that you do not have rectal or colon cancer.


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