Ways to stay fit and in shape

Being physically fit and healthy has a lot of promising benefits, that’s certain. It reduces the risk of heart illnesses and helps us maintain a positive outlook in life. But the real struggle is staying to be in shape. Though some may have overlooked their health because of their busy schedule. So here are a few easy tips to keep in mind if you want to be physically healthy.


Many of us are guilty of sitting for the most part of the day. We may be buried by work in the office or just hanging around the couch binge-watching missed episodes, but little do we know it increases the risk of chronic diseases. Although this cannot be avoided, one counteract we can do is to have a physical activity like walking or strolling for at least 30 minutes a day. As much as possible, choose walking over transportations or elevators. These simple little acts may have improved your life.

Eat right

Diet is always part of maintaining a healthy body. Have a well-balanced diet. If you found yourself resorting to commercial products promising low fat, the opposite usually happens. Instead, have plenty of vegetables, fruits, and grains which are proven more effective over time. Avoid fastfood and junk foods, you must have less intake of carbs and saturated fats. In order to avoid overeating, never skip breakfast so that you won’t have to be that much hungry for the later part of the day. Plus, it powers you up for your daily tasks.

Stay hydrated

Water is a known natural cleanser for our organs to wash away toxins. There may be available beverages that are advertised to keep you replenished, but their added sugars and calories may betray you, especially if you exercise. Minimize caffeinated as they are diuretic which will only free more fluids we need. Clean water is still the best power up we can have to maintain physical health at bay.

Make company

Have someone to share in your staying fit routine. It can be a friend, your partner, or your family. Encourage each other during difficult times so as to maintain this health-conscious lifestyle. It also helps in thinking positive to boost your self-esteem. Reduced stress will prevent you from overeating or doing hunger strike.

Eliminate bad habits

Sleeping too much or too little may affect your health negatively as it can cause unnecessary gain weight. Get enough sleep. In addition, avoid eating junk foods or soda, as mentioned above. Quit smoking or drinking now as they pose long-term health problems like emphysema.

Go to a gym

Especially for those who are interested in losing weight or tone up, gym may be your best shot. Not only it helps you burn more calories than usual, there are other important advantages of regular exercising aside from weight control like it enhances memory, lowers the risk of heart diseases, and improves mental health. Find a gym near fitzroy north and do yourself a favor.

These are easy to do, but difficult to maintain. Remember to be fit, the key is consistency. Develop discipline to live a physically healthy life.



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