Treatments for Broken teeth

Our teeth are quiet strong but with different kinds of stress and strains it will tend to break and chip. Some of the common cause of these breaks can include, eating something hard, or if you face an accident that caused a broken tooth.

These broken tooth will not always cause a pain. Unless the break has gone to the nerve you might experience pain occasionally and sometimes discomfort when chewing food. Or the tooth sensitivity for hot and cold food consume. Whether you are in bad pain or not you have to make sure that you go for tooth replacement options Singaporeand provide necessary treatments.

Treatments for broken tooth and fractures

When it comes for these minor chips in the edge of the teeth, it will not cause a lot of pain or problems, but it’s always better to repair by smoothing the edges of the teeth so that it will not damage your lips or tongue. When it comes for heavily fracture tooth, it will require a complicated treatment. These large cavities can cause major pains and can be extremely painful as well. However these cavities can also cause damage and infection for exposed gums. For these kind of pain, a root canal will be ideal.

When it comes for root canal, it’s not always necessary to for cracks teeth, especially when there is no pain. However these cracks can be filled with specialized tooth cement a lot of dentists use. A broken tooth may not cause a lot of pain at times, but it doesn’t mean that you should not take proper treatments. No matter how small the problem or the pain is it’s always best to go for a dentist and check before any kind of infection hits. You have to go for regular treatments and checkups and discuss with your dentists.

What to do if you break your teeth

If you have a broken tooth, you should follow certain steps before you call a dentist. Make sure you rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water to get rid of the blood and apply any kind of pressure to the bleeding areas, using a wet tea bag will reduce the bleeding.  You can also apply an ice pack to reduce the swelling. If you have access to the cracked tooth area, you can apply some dental cement to cover it up. Incase if the pain gets worse you can have a pain reliever like paracetamol which will reduce the pain. You also have to make sure that you don’t brush the teeth and meet your dentist soon as possible.


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