Tips for Helping Your Child Find a Hobby

A hobby is essential for a child since he or she will be able to explore and discover his talents. Every child has a talent in himself and it’s just a matter of discovering it. Not all children are good in studies so as a parent, it is your responsibility to help your child engage in other activities that interests him, rather than forcing him to do his homework all the time. At present, a detrimental trend is that children spend their whole time on the phone or playing video games and the lack of physical activity is causing chronic disease. So here are some tips on helping your child choose something he loves.

  1. List down their interests

You need to sit down with your kid and ask him what he likes, rather than you making a list of activities that you want your child to engage in. If there are too many options on the list, tell him to pick out 2 or 3 that he really likes. If he can’t come up with any options at all, you can help him with that. If you’ve noticed him being interested in dancing from small days, show him dance videos and movies to trigger his interests so he too believes he wants to pursue that pathway. If even you cannot figure out his interests, introduce him to new things. Go on field trips for different subjects, encourage him to read various books, try various arts and crafts so that he finds what he loves.

  • Test hobbies before committing

You need to take things slow and let him try it out for a few weeks. A child can easily change their mind so if he shows interest in a sport and you’ve already bought all the equipment needed within the first day itself, things are not going to be good when he says he doesn’t want to go for practice anymore. So have patience and let him know that changing his mind is okay. Do not pressurize him. However, teach him a sense of responsibility so he learns to stay committed to something. You need to give him the freedom to choose. You cannot hinder his love for a sport just because you fear an ankle sports injury Singapore.

  • Support him to make progress

You need to give him adequate space for his hobby by allowing him to dedicate time each week to engage in it. Give him all the moral support he needs and encourage him whenever needed. His coach might be good in practice techniques, but you are his parent and your fullest support is expected by him.


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