The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Eating

We’ve often heard friends, family and doctors suggesting various ways to lose weight and get back in shape. One of the most common pieces of advice is to start eating healthy or to opt for a “clean diet”. What exactly does “clean eating” mean? Does this mean you give up on your favourite foods such as ice cream and chocolate forever? Or does this mean that your life should now revolve around broccoli and other leafy greens?

Find Out What Works For You

There is no set rule for healthy eating. Some diets work for certain people whereas it seems to have no effect on others. It all depends on a trial and error by which you can find out the foods that work best for you. Some healthy foods can cause weight gain in certain individuals whereas some fatty foods such as cheese and butter can aid in weight loss for others. So it’s important to identify your body type and then consult an expert nutritionist who can identify which foods will work best for your body. At times, certain healthy foods may cause gastritis or bloat in individuals thereby indicating that it’s time to ditch these foods. In such cases, you can combine your food with turmeric powder for inflammation, so that you don’t experience gastritis in case you consume such foods.

Make Tiny Swaps Each Day

Clean eating does not mean that you go from a diet consisting of desserts, burgers and soda to a diet consisting of salads and green tea. Even if you try to do this, your body will start reacting to the adverse changes and cause sugar cravings. Instead, it’s best to start with baby steps by making small changes each day. If you have the habit of eating an entire chocolate bar, start reducing the quantity to 2-3 pieces. If you love salad dressing loaded with mayonnaise, swap it for something that has fewer calories. Swap your extra cream morning coffee with green tea. All these tiny changes will go a long way. So start off slowly and before you know it, your diet would have changed completely.

Portion Control Is Key

Sometimes, the biggest culprit in your diet is the quantity that you consume. You might be consuming foods that are considered to be very healthy only to see no results. This is because the quantity that you eat must be more than what is required. Keep in mind that healthy foods have calories too; therefore, there is a certain amount that must be consumed in order to lose weight. Try the trick of eating from a smaller plate and serving a little at first and then going for a second serving if you feel very hungry. This way, you won’t have to finish off food from the plate only because you served a lot and don’t want to waste it.

Eating healthy is not an easy task, but it surely is worth it when your body starts rewarding you by making you feel more active and helping you fit into the dress that you’ve always wanted to wear!


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