The ultimate DON’TS to avoid when you have acne

Acne in some people is more of a natural thing that is expected to make its grand entrance at some point, however that doesn’t mean it cannot be prevented and cured. While some others might be lucky enough to skip out on this because of their already healthy skin care routines, others just aren’t. And so, it is essential that such a person always makes sure that he or she strays away from anything that causes such breakouts to double or even make an entrance in the first place. So here are some of them to take note of.

Going overboard with the makeup

When you have acne it is only natural that you would want to cover it all up, especially if you cannot afford to undergo acne laser treatment to get rid of those scars once and for all. And so, when you are doing so, always make sure that you choose the right kind of makeup that also has SPF coverage in it and isn’t too harsh on the skin. Don’t go overboard with it either because it could lead to blocked pores causing even more breakouts. So try to keep it minimal and don’t ever go to bed without taking it all off!

Not changing the pillowcases

When you sleep on your pillow, it is not only your face that is resting but also your hair as well. And so there is a chance that all the dust and grime in it could get on your face leading to more breakouts. Studies have also found that there is a tendency for bacteria and such to get on to the cases and this could eventually be that unknown cause for more breakouts. So do change your pillow cases regularly and flip it over for the next day.

Piling the sugar

This is probably one of the hardest things to do especially when you have a really strong sweet tooth. Researches have found that the glycemic index in these foods causes more breakouts to occur frequently when such foods are consumed beyond limits. So do make sure to cut down on the excess sugar and junk foods.

Washing your face too much

While washing your face often might seem like the perfect solution to get rid of your acne problem, it actually isn’t. Washing it too much makes the skin dry out causing excess oil production within the layers and thus leading to those horrible breakouts. So limit the washing only to only twice a day.

Take the above in to account and have a better control on the breakouts in your face!



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