The different types of teeth bleaching

One of the most important features of a person’s face is their smile. Their teeth however, can make or break this feature right out of the window. With the advance in technology, there are ways in which teeth can be brought closed together, straightened and even bleached. It is normal for teeth to discolour no matter how many times you brush them because you constantly use them for chewing. However, there are different methods that one can undergo for teeth bleaching.


If you are looking for a teeth whitening Singapore based clinic that will help you select the correct procedure. You might need to spend some time at the clinic or maybe you might have to spend a little bit of extra.


This guide will illustrate the few procedures that are widely known:


There are many types of toothpastes because it is based on the different types of hydrogen peroxide levels, which is the most important ingredient for bleaching your teeth. It is the cheapest method and has the highest level of hydrogen peroxide in comparison with other toothpastes. It can also be used easily. However, it will take sometime to actually see results, will only remove the stains on the surface and is a continuous treatment.



Laser teeth whitening clinics are now available to professional make your smile whiter. The teeth will be soaked in a solution containing bleaching agents. Afterwards, a laser will be moved along the teeth, which will activate the bleaching solution.  The longer you allow the solution to be activated; the bleaching agent will be stronger. It will provide professional and fast results however; this procedure needs to be conducted under supervision.


Generally using whitening strips is the next step after using whitening toothpaste. These strips need to be placed on your teeth for a certain time minimum for one hour up to two weeks. The strength of the bleaching agent in the strip is directly proportionate with the number of days you have to use it. They are not so expensive and the results can be seen in a few days. They are said to be easy to use as well. However, it only gets rid of the stains on the surface.



KöR bleaching helps to restore you’re the original ability of the tooth to be able to absorb oxygen. This aids in the bleaching solution to be absorbed the enamel, which will help reduce stains below the surface of the tooth. It has to be worn at night and you need to ensure that this is done under supervision of the dentist.


Consult your dentist and you can go forth and get your teeth whitened.



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