Protecting you from threats of thefts

One of the cruelest things in this world is thieves. You worked hard for something, invested so much time, effort, and money on, and one day find out that it got stolen. This is a tough situation to us all, especially to inventors who gave so much to their product. Here are great some precautionary steps to avoid so.

Less talk, less mistake

People would often brag to someone how good their invention is or even show it off once in a while, and that’s the thing, you don’t really know who you can trust anymore. One minute you’re talking to your friends about this product you’ve invented and all of the sudden they replicated your product and claim that it’s theirs. It’s all about staying low-key on your product to keep them safe. When you believe that your invention has the potential to be profitable, then it would be best to keep it only within the knowledge of a small circle of people whom you can really trust and depend on.

Get them licensed ASAP

Patenting is a growing trend for the past couple of decades, and this is because these inventors have a leverage to bank on which keeps their inventions safe from any potential threats that could get their ideas stolen. Another leverage of patent protection is that if in the future it gets copied by someone or another company then they can be penalized. You can enforce the law through filing civil lawsuits for infringement simply because you have the exclusive rights of that product. What this means is because your product is licensed to you, you are already excluding others from making, using, or selling your invention unless otherwise they are provided with your authorization.  Through patent prosecution Singapore, your patented invention has a tangible legal evidence to impede any third parties from ever infringing them.

Put off potential competitors

At some point, you will start making more products to sell to the public, this entails having to hire employees, and when you decide in the future to hire someone to work with you or for you, it is important for that person to sign a non-compete agreement. Through this, you are already disrupting the individual from starting their own business that is similar to yours in the future that may harm you and your business venture.

Protecting your invention from others is eliminating the chances of having competitors within the arena of your business, in such a way, you are already making sure that consumers will only get their product from your company alone. Following the tips provided above is an advantage that will keep your invention away from being stolen.


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