Negative Effects of Stress

Stress is inevitable due to the busy lifestyles you have. Stress isn’t always bad either, as it could help you in pushing yourself to get things done better and faster. However, prolonged and untreated stress can cause negative health effects that will give you chronic diseases. Stress not only affects you but also the people around you. You will feel irritable and hence your behaviour might be negative towards them. This can affect your relationships and hence need to be paid attention to immediately. These are some serious conditions that could occur due to stress.

  • Cardiovascular disease

Stress will increase blood pressure, making your heart work faster and harder than it usually does. Also, stress will cause cholesterol levels to rise due to increased eating, you will seek refuge of alcohol and smoking, and you won’t have much physical activity to stay fit. With all this going on, it will be too much for your heart to take and hence you might experience hearts attacks or strokes. It is vital that you use calming techniques such as deep breathing, yoga or meditation whenever you feel stressed, so that your blood pressure lowers.

  • Weight gain

For those of you who worry about your appearance, here is why you should manage your stress. Stress causes weight gain! As you go through stress for a long time, your body will release cortisol which is known as the ‘stress hormone’. High levels of cortisol will increase your appetite; not in salads but in comfort food. In no time, you will find yourself sitting with a packet of fried chips, chocolate and bottle of soft drink wherever you are. The fat consumed through overeating will settle in your midsection and as the saying goes, ‘a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’. This fat is easy to put on but very difficult to take off, so be mindful.

  • Neck or back pain

The stress you go through settles in the neck and back area, causing pain. This could happen due to lack of sleep, incorrect posture or constant worry; all what you go through during stress. There are treatments that will help you relieve the pain, since the pain will only add to your sorrows. Nowadays, medical facilities are treating back pain without surgery, so you don’t have to worry about going under the needle.

  • Poor memory

Cortisol affects your memory negatively. Cortisol will hinder your brain from gathering and storing new memories or even recalling old ones and hence you will be forgetful of usual chores.


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