Mistakes you are probably doing that’s ruining your feet

When someone talks about taking care of him or herself, it is usually limited to only their face, hair and may be nails. But about your feet? They too are a part of your body that you should be paying extra attention to especially because they bear your entire body’s weight. So here are some mistakes that you are doing and probably didn’t realize is ruining your feet!

Ignoring them

One of the most common mistakes that kids, adults and any person in general makes is that they simply ignore their feet. Some how or the other it is only considered when they need to wear open strapped heels for an event or if they are going for a pedicure. But other times no care is given at all whatsoever. Only getting a pedicure once a month or so doesn’t mean you are caring for your feet. Not selecting the right shoes, putting your feet through uncomfortable postures and such are all evidence for ignoring them. But once complications start developing over time you end up rushing to find experts that do heel pain treatment in singapore and whatnot!

Wearing the wrong shoes

No matter how pretty or cheap a shoe might be, if it doesn’t fit you then that is probably the one sign that you need to give up on it. However, that is not the case today. Now you see so many women putting themselves through some of the most uncomfortable shoes that not only are of the wrong fit but also require a lot of effort to walk about in. Style is not something that you should be risking your wellbeing for! Similarly, when it comes to sports, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right shoes for the game. If you are playing football you can’t expect yourself to run about in converses or tennis shoes nor can you wear spikes when playing volleyball. So be smart and make the right shoe choices!

Not using sunscreen

In summer sunscreen is definitely not limited to only your face and body. It is also essential for your feet. Especially areas like the ankle, the bottom of your feet and heels should all be protected with cream. And so, make sure that no matter how bad it gets you are always wearing footwear whether it is a simple pair of flip flops or shoes.

Infections like athlete’s foot are very common when moisture collects in your feet and they may also lead to warts and whatnot. Therefore, you need to wash them well, dry them well and use sunscreen to protect them.

So avoid the above mistakes and own healthy feet always!


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