How to Relieve Your Back Pain?

The human back is complex. It’s a fragile structure of muscles, ligaments, and bones that help us to do something as crucial as walking around and moving about. Unfortunately, people of all ages and sizes tend to fall prey to back pain at some point in their lives. It can cause leave from work, bed rest or maybe even medical treatment if severe enough. One thing is for sure; if anyone can be at risk then you need to know how to relieve that pain as best as you can. Here are some steps that will help you out.

Screen Time

We all know the consequence of staying glued to the TV, laptop or phone for far too long than is necessary. Things like gaming can encourage spinal problems in kids. You don’t have to make your child give up on it entirely. Instead, practice taking healthy breaks and avoiding playing games for too long. Encourage physical activities more and make sure they work on their posture when sitting down or staring at screens- no hunching! And now, the adult version of screen time. When in an office, if you want to manage the backaches, make sure to adjust your ergonomics. Your computer should be adjusted to be at eye level and 20 inches from your face. Your forearms and wrists should be parallel to the floor, your elbows tucked in and your shoulders relaxed


When you have a backache, this can often lead to a vicious cycle with sleep. Your aching back leaves you unable to sleep, which then leaves you untested and has your aches feeling worse. This once again keeps you up at night. What you need to do is work on your sleeping position. By sleeping on your side, with a pillow between your knees, your spine will be in more of a natural position. This will reduce any strain you’re keeping on your back. If sleeping on your back, then it’s best that you slip a pillow under your knees. And above all else, remember to sleep on a firm mattress!

Icing and Heating

To help reduce inflammation and pain, you can apply an ice pack to any painful areas a couple of times a day, for 20 minutes each. To protect your skin, you’ll have to wrap the pack in a thin towel. After a few days of this, you can switch to warm packs to soothe your aching muscles. Don’t apply a heating pack before you sleep, however, as this could burn your skin. Warm water baths might also do the trick.


Did you know that research suggests that hands-on massage therapy Melbourne at least once a week over a period of two months has been found to dramatically relieve chronic back pain? It also helps people function better. This is definitely something you need to try out, because when done by a professional, you stand a chance to have your structural problems gradually fixed.

These are the best ways to relieve your back pain but don’t forget to exercise regularly throughout the week as well for best results!


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