Dealing With A Loved One That Has Cancer- How to’s:

Many of us have experienced dealing with family members that are diagnosed with cancer. And we understand that it’s not easy to deal with them because of their fragile state. Some of us does not have any idea on how to interact with sick people or relatives. If you happen to know someone who is stricken by this disease expect that they will undergo some changes that is caused by the condition, stress and cancer treatments.

The following changes will be noticeable within the first few months after the patient has been diagnosed:

-Change in skin color and complexion, the patient is more likely to look more pale and yellowish. This can be caused by the medications.

-Hair loss that can eventually lead to baldness. This is a known side effect of chemotherapy. Most patients start to lose their confidence in the process.

-Weight loss and due to poor appetite. Most of them don’t feel like eating much even their favorite foods. The sense of taste is greatly affected by the treatment process and

If you are seeing changes on their physical appearance please be more sensitive to the situation and it would be best if we don’t give out comments that will affect their feelings.

Discuss with your loved one the possible treatment options including piles surgery in singapore. And encourage your loved one to look forward in getting better. Do not cloud their mind with negative thoughts so they would still be able to deal with their current health situation with a positive mindset.

Be extra patient when it comes to dealing with them. Cancer patients are known to experience mood swings and anxiety because they often do not feel well. So if they happen to snap at you for no reason at all, just be the bigger person and understand that they are extra sensitive to everything.

Give them time to rest and regain their strength. They would oftentimes get tired and lethargic after chemotherapy sessions. Some of them would like to be left alone so that they can get quality rest. If that’s what they want then let is respect their wishes.

Do not show pity towards them because of their condition by verbally expressing it or making them feel that way. Many of these patients including your loved ones will not appreciate being pitied by people around them. It makes them feel worthless as a person. If you want to offer help or assistance then don’t automatically do it. You can talk to them and just casually mention that they should not hesitate to ask for help if needed.


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