Achieving that Korean Look

Many of us would trade anything in exchange for clear, glowing skin. Koreans don’t fall behind when it comes to maintaining a rigid skincare routine. You can’t help wondering if it has to do with genes or the weather in there. That is why people are always on patrol for the cult of Korean beauty trends. How do Koreans pull off the effortless youthful and luminescent appearance? Here are 5 of the most popular Korean beauty looks.

Droopy Eyeliner

The droopy eyeliner makes you look ‘kinder’ than its cat eyeline counterpart. It could also be likened to dog eyes. It is drawn from extending the downward angle of the top lid. This is a go-to make up look for Asians with single eyelids. If you are aiming for that sad, merciful look then this style is for you. Use a pencil liner for a natural, buildable stroke.

Glass Skin

It’s not just the poreless skin that got them envied. Because of how translucent glass skinappears;you can almost see your reflection. At one glance, it’s excess oil from makeup overstay. Master the art flawlessly with double cleansing and hydrating toners. A moisturizing essence and water-based moisturizer with a dewy finish completes the look. Achieve the delicate look through korean facial singapore.

Straight and Wispy Eyebrows

Straight and thick eyebrows is the craze in Asian countries. It is not on fleek compared to arched thin eyebrows. Koreans and Asians often find the look of feathery eyebrows more natural-looking. It’s all about keeping it natural and looking a few years younger. Although bushy and straight eyebrows are associated with masculine characteristics, growing and shaping them won’t be a struggle.


Ever heard of cute and cheery eyebags? TheKoreans have introduced the eye smile in the beauty scene so lose the concealer. Here is to accentuating that feature. Using a highlighting and shadowing stick combo, you can create puffier shinier eyes. You can draw a crease a bit far under your eye with eyeshadow or eyeliner and rub highlighter directly above it up to where your lower lashes are at.

Gradient Lips

Unlike filling the corners of your lips with opaque colors, the gradient lip is obviously low maintenance. Koreans aren’t obsessed over anything matte or dry-looking. They want completely exfoliated lips with a subtle pop of color. Swipe your favorite shade only to the center of your lips. Blotch the color by dabbing your finger on your lips. To create more of that juicy and sparkling finish, add lip gloss.


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